How Technology Has Changed the Ecommerce Field

Technology is fast paced and the effect is something that we all are aware of. With so many changes happening due to the advancement in technology the e-commerce world has affected the most. Even the customers these days are tech savvy and prefer to shop online. The customers are much smarter than before where they could be befooled with the prices and the product quality. They know more than we think and know how to find the perfect store to place their orders.

With technology being so fast, it gets easier to track the orders online and they can also choose how they wish to communicate with their retailers online. The retail e-commerce sales have gone since 2014. In 2017 the sales went up to 2.3 trillion US Dollars by 2021 it is expected to grow up to 4.88 trillion US Dollars.

Increase in e-Commerce Sites

There has been a tremendous increase in the e-commerce sites. Almost every business is moving online today because they know their shoppers are waiting for them online. No one has the time to shop in stores because of their busy schedules, but with so many options online everything has become easy. Most of the online stores have started displaying offers & discounts to attract customers. There are offers like “Get 20% off on Your 1st Purchase”, etc. Today, there is nothing better than getting the time to sit at home and shop for your favorite dress from your favorite brand. And then it is delivered home. Who does not want this luxury? It also saves the money of the retailers, by not needing a store to display more than 1000s of products.

Some Facts

Average e-commerce conversion rates vary from 3% to 4%.
U.S.e-commerce sales reached $396 billion in 2016 and are predicted to grow to a massive 684 billion by 2020.

Increase in Mobile Apps for e-commerce

Every online business is moving to the mobile world. it becomes easy for them to do business even while they are traveling. And shoppers love using their mobile. 55% of companies have a mobile-optimized website, mobile app, or both. Every 1 in 4 e-commerce dollars is spent on a Mobile Device. Here is a glimpse of the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

It makes it easier to connect with your users through a mobile app. They can avail the offers while on-the-go and can directly complete purchases through the various payment options and payment gateways. Having a brand’s app on your phone tempts you to look into it for new arrivals or new offers, similar is the customer’s mind, hence mobile apps are increasing.

Online Payment

With the growth in e-commerce, there is an increasing demand for advanced and dynamic online payment options. There is also a growth in payments technologies through websites and mobile apps. This makes selling and buying of products easy and simple. There are international payment facilities also available that makes it easy for cross-border shopping with online payment solutions like PayU. With this customers can pay while on-the-go without the need to use their cards or other details. It saves a lot of time & money for both the customers as well as the businesses. Payment Gateways like PayPal have 70% higher checkout transactions than non-PayPal transactions.

Retailers take customers attention

Over the years email notifications are quickly being swarmed out by advertisers for mobile push notifications. With these features, marketers can get consumer attention like never before.

Promotional messages that were considered spam at one time can now directly be seen by the users on his mobile screen, updating them about the new offers or products.

Personal Shopping Experience is growing

Nothing has changed when it comes to personal attention while shopping. Every shopper wants a personalized experience with the growth in technology. Technology ensures that every shopper feels good with some personalized offers only for them. Making use of technology to send a birthday and anniversary offer gives them a feeling of being important and remembered.

Express Delivery & Huge Discounts

Who does not want a product at a lesser price without having to bargain with the shopkeepers? Who does not want their product delivered same day without going to the store. The competition and demand for both are increasing. This is challenging sometimes, but with stores offering a same-day delivery option with extra charges is getting popular among the consumers. Amazon is one such site that all consumers are fond of today.

Social Media

Social Media has played a huge role in bringing the customers closer to the retailers. Customers can directly send messages to the brands and get replies quickly to their queries. It has enhanced customer service to a great extent. In fact, brands have also started using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. for promotions. In fact, there is a direct call to action buttons like “Shop Now’ ‘Buy Now’ on these platforms that allow customers to buy directly from the page. They are giving the customers a chance to discover the brand and see what more it has to offer them

These are few ways technology has impacted e-commerce to a great extent. These are not the only ways but just a few of the popular means that have impacted e-commerce and the businesses online. These ways have played a major role in transforming e-commerce and making it this large as it is today. Offers, discounts, and multiple payment options have open doors for small businesses to start online businesses with little investment.


Mobile friendly websites and mobile apps have changed the way people look at e-commerce. It has become the most preferred way of shopping for most of the people. Along with social media mobile apps are helping businesses to get bigger profits through these platforms. In fact, some of them are starting their online businesses from home with little investment. In all technology has impacted in the most positive way to help in the growth of e-commerce and all online businesses.

Advantages of Mobile Payment Solutions

You might have a small or large scale business and are worried about delays and lags in your business payment cycles. Have you thought about remote payment solutions for your business? Premium Payments has got you covered.; So, read on how mobile payment solutions are beneficial for your business.

Quicker Transactions

Contactless payment makes for faster transactions.The time savings can also directly increase profits by allowing you, as a business owner, accommodate more financial matters as well as other important day to day business tasks in the same period of time. Having to worry about processing payments can be pricey and time-consuming.

Thus, an online payment system can manage payment processes in real time. More so, it doesn’t require extra administrative assistance for it to operate, resulting in fewer expenses and more time for businesses to focus on more crucial matters.In comparison to classic payment setups, where the shopper has to visit a store and pay there or mail a check, online payments take place in a much more automated environment.

This translates into their reduced costs. Instead of having to employ a cashier or deal with the costs of processing payment slips, merchants are able to set up payment systems, often at no upfront cost, and subsequently pay low transaction fees whenever a sale is recorded on their site.

Payment Security

Accepting remote payments for the merchant is a great idea. On the other hand, traditional methods force the seller to verify the integrity of the cash payment or deal with the fees associated with a bounced check. Given the speed with which transactions occur online, one of the upsides of online payment processor is that the cash is immediately transferred in the acquiring account.

It can take as little as a few days for online transactions to be cleared, which gives business owners better command over their accounts. Furthermore, online paymentsare generally more regulated, offering additional payment security to those selling on the doing online transactions.

Getting Paid Faster

You work hard for your money. So, why don’t you find a way to get paid even faster? Online payment solutions run on electronic transactions which are much quicker to reconcile, batch, and collect upon over cash-based systems. Updated system technology and faster internet connections make electronic transactions even speedier. Merchants can increase their cash flow by getting paid within 24 hours after batching.

Mobile payment technology can save you money in the long run. Some mobile payment companies charge less per transaction than credit card companies, which equates to direct savings. Depending on your number of transactions, that can make a big difference over a short period of time.

Moreover. Payment processing solution usually charge a much lower cut per transaction than credit card companies, helping businesses keep their costs low.

The Takeaway

Mobile payment solutions have definitely revolutionized the payment processing systems of businesses regardless of their size. With these advantages, your business can become more efficient financially. Premium Payments will offer the best payment processing solution for your business.

Website or App – What Is More Suitable for Your Business

If you are already a settled business house or even if you are just going through your initial stage. There might be a question in your mind about choosing either a Website or an Application for your Brand and Business at the first place.

Analyzing your data you should have found that with increase in the demand for information, the use of Mobile phones for outsourcing information has been increased. It has now become easier to use just a mobile in place of a complete desktop system or laptop. But one thing that is missing here is that even websites can be made responsive enough to work on mobile devices with complete features and use.

You can hire any responsive website design company in Gurgaon or in your locality to get a responsive website. There are so many website designing companies in Gurgaon that offer designing in affordable price.

So we will now look at some key points to decide whether to go for an app or to just rest with your Mobile website.

Stage of Your Business

The stage at which your business is currently running largely decides whether you should invest in an application or not. For the starting phase you should always try to reach more and more people out there and this can be easily and efficiently be done by your website.

As you grow with your website you can then roll out the Mobile app to an audience that trusts you. This will surely increase the download ratio for your application and will help to grow the reach exponentially.

Type of Service That You Provide

Sometimes it becomes crucial for a brand to move to an application rather working for a website. Suppose you are providing users the ability to stream music, what would the users prefer then? Obviously users will need an application so that they can stream music anywhere anytime.

Thus it mostly depends on the way you want to reach your customers keeping in mind about the needs and requirement.

Managing Application/Website

Another thing about applications is that they are good for handling large number of user requests than websites. Also applications are easier to manage and to be worked upon as each block is compact.

So you can follow the above guide to start with a simple mobile website, increase your reach and then roll out your application to already built user-base.

This was a short guide on choosing a medium to reach the right customer choosing the right path. You can now find out which is more suitable for you, a Website or an Mobile App.

Impact of Backlinks on Local SEO and How to Acquire Them

For anyone who is looking to understand what exactly backlinks are and what they are for, the short answer is, they are like gateways to another universe, in a rabbit hole we call “the internet”. Each one takes you to a different location that’s related to the previous one.

Before we dive into the details of what are backlinks, what they do and how to get them, it’s a good idea to outsource your SEO to a local SEO agency. If you are looking for someone to take care of your SEO in Dubai then there is no shortage of agencies that would do it for you.

What do backlinks do?

You don’t have to be an experienced marketer or a developer to figure that the search engines are using AI algorithms to rank websites. The whole point of this is to offer an enhanced experience to the general audience browsing the internet. You could fill your whole website with the top quality content but as long as you don’t have a strong network of backlinks especially on the local websites, the chances of you getting under the search engine’s spotlight are very slim.

They are like certificates of authenticity from other websites. The more backlinks you have from the industry relevant websites the more attention you would receive from the search engines.

Is bigger the better?

Well, for starters, having some links is better than having none at all but it certainly helps to have backlinks from high domain authority websites. It’s like getting a certificate of authenticity from websites that are highly regarded by Google itself.

So would it help to get a backlink from any high domain authority website? As much as we want this to be the case, it’s not. Industry relevance is the key here. Getting a backlink from Time or BBC for your property website might not help you as much as getting a link from some other online local platform that is famous for real estate news/blogging despite the fact that both Time and BBC receive tons of international traffic especially when you are looking to get discovered locally. If you think it’s too much work for you then you could also reach out to your local SEO services to build a strong backlink network for you.

How to get them

If you are not sure about where to get the links from, you could always look up to your competitors who are already ranked. See where they are getting their links from and you could reach out to the same websites and send out a proposal of your own.